Tracy Penfield

I am returning to creative dance and performance after many years of running SafeArt out of Chelsea VT ( The Passing Project is a collaboration of mine with Tamara Hurwitz Pullman, with whom I danced in Montana in the early 80's. We began playing with the Passing theme in 2012 and are finally bringing it as work-in-progress to LAndARTLab in Sept, then premiering it April 28, 2018 at Chandler Center for the Arts in Randolph VT. The dancers and musicians are creating the piece with us. Otto Pierce, who is dancing in the piece, is also collaborating with me on a sculptural set of wooden figures with knotless netted linen forms. This sculpture will represent the veil between the worlds, which part and allow entry to The Thin Place, a place of transformation and transcendence in Celtic lore.
See photos of the premiere of Passing at Chandler Center for The Arts at: