Patricia Wilson

Patricia Wilson began dancing at a very young age at square dances in West Halifax, Vermont, where she learned that dancing is about joy and community. She graduated from Middlebury College in 1977, one of the first four dance majors there. She worked with dance pioneer Katherine Dunham for the last 25 years of Dunham’s life and was part of a small group of dancers asked by Dunham to continue her legacy. Patricia is currently the Co-Director of the Institute for Dunham Technique Certification, working with dancers from around the world in dedication to passing on the vibrant physical, spiritual and political legacy of Katherine Dunham to the next generation of dancers. Patricia has taught dance, yoga and figure skating for over forty years. She created ziadance, a multigenerational dance company that toured in Russia in 1995. She currently disseminates Dunham Technique at Keene State College, the Putney School and Brattleboro School of Dance and guides yoga sadhana at Inner Heat Yoga. She is dedicated to the Black Lives Matter movement and to the Great Mother.