Emma Manion

Bio: A Vermont native with a B.A. in Dance and Humanities from Bennington College, Emma Manion exercises a lifelong fascination with the human body’s composition, capabilities, means of creative expression, and direct link to quality of life. Her work as a Dance Instructor, Personal Trainer, and Choreographer illustrates her passion for moving with curiosity alongside mechanical awareness. Her performative works historically involve theatrics and humor with every choreographed count and detail poured over, but lately leaning into vulnerability/knot knowing/surrendering to spontaneity has been a favorite way to play. 
As a VDA member: “I moved back to VT in March '17 after a decade of building a career as a dance artist and instructor in San Francisco. I now bop around mostly in the Calais woods and host classes and dance events in nearby Montpelier. Loving VDA's woven-in role on my ever unfolding path of dance I chassé down. Always craving continued education, connection, inspiration from, and ways to support other creatives and movement pros.”

Classes and more Artist info: Revelingfitness.com