4-week Contemporary Dance Series (online)
4-week Contemporary Dance Series (online)
4-week Contemporary Dance Series (online)

Looking for a longer class, more time to get into your dance practice? This 90 minute, 4-week series will leave you feeling creative, healthy, and inspired! And best of all, it fits in your living room (or another 6x6 foot space). Class begins with a technique based warm-up with an emphasis on strength, flexibility, and balance. Next, we'll do a series of exercises to build specific contemporary dance skills and an ability to move freely with grace. We'll end by learning a contemporary phrase, practicing full-body movement within a small space (a good skill to have!). We will be moving up and down from the floor, taking some weight on the hands, and learning a phrase. This series is ideal if you've been wanting to get back into moving, used to dance but haven't in a while, or just want a good blend of technique, strength, choreography, and stretch.


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$50 ($35 for Monthly Members...info on webpage!)