River of Children: Dance Opportunity
River of Children: Dance Opportunity
River of Children: Opportunity for Artists/ Dancers: International Day of Refugees 14 June 2022

River of Children: To Remember and Honor the children who are refugees

On June 14th 2022 Southern Vermont - the night of the Super Moon, we will create a dance performance celebration to remember and honor children who are refugees, and to the children who have died in their journey to freedom.

We are looking for children and adults, with modest, or little dance experience to participate. We are also looking for two principle dancers.

Ideally, this could be an established dance, theater performance company.  

Concept: Ideally, it will be by the waters edge, bringing baskets to the land with candles, honoring the children who are yearning for freedom, and who have died in their journey.  We are considering Southern Vermont near Brattleboro, but would be open to other suggestions.

We have chosen the 14th as that is the brightest night, though World Refugee Day is June 20th.

Honorarium for principle dancers. The performance will be designed and staged by Namaya an

For more information contact: b4peace@namayaproductions.com

Thank you


bio: Namaya is a Vermont based poet, artist, playwright, choreographer who has created theater & multimedia projects on peace building and human rights globally.



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