VDA Mini Courses - Dance and Technology

Deepen your connection with useful technology for your creative and teaching work: VDA presents a series of mini courses focusing on Dance and Technology. Are you a new creator looking to learn the basics? Are you further into your career and would like to brush-up on skills or learn more? There are courses for everyone! (Free for all!) Thanks to the support from the Vermont Arts Council.



This series will culminate in a Film Festival featuring 5 local dance films. The festival will serve as our Spring Fundraiser. All of our mini-course attendees who create films will be featured on our site and have the chance to submit their work for the film festival.

Keep an eye out for evolving information!

Introduction to Cinematography and Video Editing

hosted by CATV, March 6, 10am-5pm


March Panels (online):

Dance Theater of Harlem - Creating Dance at Home, Mar 13

Organizational Systems for Choreographers by Sarah AO Rosner, Mar 20




                                                                                                   Past Events:

Production Elements Workshop (Online)

hosted by Media Factory, Nov 12 2pm-4pm

Dance Film: Image Design + Camera Movement

taught by Tori Lawrence, Nov 20 3:30pm-6:30pm

Video and the Moving Body: Creating for the Frame

taught by Pauline Jennings, Dec 5, 10am-2pm

Video and the Moving Body: Creating for the Frame (online)

taught by Pauline Jennings, Dec 12, 10am-12pm

Editing Essentials Workshop (Online)

hosted by Media Factory, Jan 9, 2pm-4pm

Eye in Motion / Documentary Practice for Dance (ONLINE)

hosted by ORCA Media, Jan 4th, 11th, 18th, 6:30pm-8pm


Dancing through an Edit / Intro to Post-production

hosted by ORCA Media, Jan 25, 6:30pm-8pm

Advanced Video Editing Techniques (online)

taught by Daniel Maxell Crosby, Feb 6, 2pm-4pm

Participating Artists

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