Poster detailing the time and place of the TRACES 2021 Montpelier event.
Poster detailing the time and place of the TRACES 2021 Montpelier event.
TRACES 2021 White River Junction

Traces, a day of outdoor dance happenings, will celebrate the change into summer, dancing in public spaces, and connection of community. We will begin with a movement and lecture workshop about the importance of soil microbiology in simultaneously preventing both flood and drought. After the talk, the participants will have the opportunity to explore through movement how one can connect more deeply to the land and water around us. Then stay to enjoy a display of water-themed dances at the rivers edge! We ask all attendees to wear a mask at all times, and keep a 6 foot distance from those not in your pod.


10-11am Workshop Slow, Spread, Sink: A Water Conservation Lecture and Movement Exploration with Cat Buxton and Nicole Conte

11:30am performance featuring: Cyndal Ellis, Neva Cockrell, Bronwyn Sims & Toni Nagy


TRACES 2021 White River Junction will be held at Lyman Park. Lyman park sits along the banks of the White River. It is a two level park with a varied landscape. The upper level will be where the workshop takes place. There is a large flat grassy space next to the parking area, facing a small amphitheater.  The lower level will be where the performance takes place. There will be some walking between dances. There is a smaller grassy area. There is also an open area that has about 12 trees sited within the grassy area. This area would allow for interaction with the trees. The river can be seen from this lower level.The terrain is flat enough for most people to walk on, wheelchairs could be pushed but it would not be easy. There is a parking lot near both the lower and upper level that could be a viewing place for folks in wheelchairs if need be.


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What should I bring?
A chair or blanket for comfort in watching the show! 


Bug/tick spray

Cash or checkbook to purchase: Raffle tickets for the Milton Artist Guild raffle (grand prize $5000! with 50% ticket sale proceeds to VDA!), to purchase Trevien Stanger's book "Thinking Like A Watershed," or to make a generous donation to VDA itself!

Your camera to help us document the event!

Your Mask


Free, donations gratefully accepted on site or on


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White River Junction, VT 05001
United States

Free, donations gratefully accepted on site or on