Poster providing information on the time, date, and location of the TRACES 2021 Burlington event.
Poster providing information on the time, date, and location of the TRACES 2021 Burlington event.
TRACES 2021 Burlington

Traces, a day of outdoor dance happenings, will celebrate the change into summer, dancing in public spaces, and connection of community. We will begin with a meditative movement class interacting with the land and inviting deep embodiment of the qualities and cycles of water on earth. Then stay to enjoy a display of water-themed dances at the waterfront! We ask all attendees to wear a mask at all times, and keep a 6 foot distance from those not in your pod.

10-11am Workshop Reflections on Water with Emily Mott and Jess Rubin

11:30am performance featuring Denise Townsend, Emily A Mott, Alexis Kamistes, Sarah Lapinsky, and Nikaio Bulan Sahar Thomashow

TRACES 2021 Burlington will be held at Leddy Park, a regional park which houses several athletic fields and a vast expanse of natural land. The class will be held on the Leddy Park grove above the beach: follow the path which goes directly off to the left (south) from the skating rink building if you are facing the lake. The grove is on the hill above the beach, at parking lot level. The Traces Performance will be on the waterfront area, at the beach! In order to access this location, options are to enter from behind the skating rink to go down a set of stairs, or on each side of the building for a path. For the more accessible route, if your back is to the building and you are facing the water, please use the path to the right. It is paved until it meets the sand, and then there is a two inch drop. Once at water level, there is a couple hundred feet of sandy area before the lake begins. Audience will be stationed here on the sand.
Handicap parking and bathrooms are available on site. We will have a few chairs for those in need, but feel free to bring your own blankets, chairs or cushions for maximum comfort. 


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What should I bring?
A chair or blanket for comfort in watching the show! 


Bug/tick spray

Cash or checkbook to purchase: Raffle tickets for the Milton Artist Guild raffle (grand prize $5000! with 50% ticket sale proceeds to VDA!), to purchase Trevien Stanger's book "Thinking Like A Watershed," or to make a generous donation to VDA itself!

Your camera to help us document the event!

Your Mask


Free, donations gratefully accepted on site or on





216 Leddy Park Rd
Burlington, VT 05408
United States

Free, but donations are greatly appreciated on site or on