dancer with R arm lifted. B&W
dancer with R arm lifted. B&W
Meet one of this year's ChoreoLab participants: Mary Chris DeBelina

The ChoreoLab is a program sponsored by The Junction Dance Festival. During nine weeks in the summer starting June 1st, up to five choreographers are able to use a professional studio space to create, rehearse and produce their work. A "work in progress" will be shown on Thursday July 1st at 7pm, and a closing performance on Friday July 30th at 7pm.

Mary Chris' curiosity is light. She began her research last year and got stopped by COVID. She hopes to restart where she left off. She has images of dancers wrapped in light, balls of light being choreographed, shadows behind a screen, projections of dance on dancers. The human eye and brain translate light reflecting off surfaces into color. She wants to play with this scientific phenomenon. She wants to have the entire piece not rely on any "stage lighting" but have it all be the dancers who emit the light or the stage itself. For her creation, Mary Chris will be joined by four dancers.

Mary Chris DeBelina, born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, discovered her love of dance at as a toddler but it wasn’t until she attended Dartmouth College that she started to imagine it as a career. MC graduated from Dartmouth with a BA in biology and went on to Sarah Lawrence College and earned her MFA in dance. In those years she had the opportunity to teach and choreograph for the Dartmouth Dance Ensemble and founded the Children’s Creative Dance program at Dartmouth. Shortly after getting her MFA, she got married and moved around with her husband while he attended medical school and residency. Although MC’s focus during those years was her family, she continued to teach creative
dance for kids and began to teach Dance for Parkinsons. In 2019, MC was asked to choreograph and dance for the Juventas Music Ensemble. This was the beginning of a lovely collaboration. MC has danced for Juventas a number of times since then and is proud to be a part of Shell and Wing, which won The American Prize Ernst Bacon Award for Performance
of American Music. MC lives with her husband, four kids, and dog in Montpelier, Vermont. She teaches modern dance and
ballet at Contemporary Dance and Fitness Studio and Dance for Parkinsons at the Montpelier Senior Center. In addition to creating her own work, MC dances with Willow Wonder and Hannah Dennison and is a member of the Vermont Dance Alliance. When she is not dancing, MC can be found hiking up or skiing down mountains or folding mountains of laundry.


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