woman with white shirt running
woman with white shirt running
Meet one of the ChoreoLab artist: Martina Lundstrom


Martina Lundström’s performances address the ambivalence about being an artist while living off a trust fund. She challenges her inheritance of a power and privilege that has been beneficial to her. By narrating vulnerable stories about herself, her family and her dog, as well as fantasies and fairytales, she breaks through the dysfunctional silence that oppresses and protects the culture of the owning class.

She received an MFA with a focus on performance at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University in 2019.

Lundström grew up in Sweden where the inevitability of ‘outside’ and a certain angle of light came to inform her belief in art as a medium for making things.


The Junction Dance Festival
1804 Pike Hill road
Corinth, VT 05039
United States