dancer with arms extended out in B&W
dancer with arms extended out in B&W
Master Class with Ruth Childs: A Unique Opportunity to Learn Parts of Lucinda Childs's Most Famous Pieces: Katema and Calico Mingling

Ruth Childs is pleased to give a short masterclass on the choreographic work of Lucinda Childs focusing on the period that comes after the Judson Dance Theater period. In the 1970s, three founding elements appear in Lucinda’s way of creating: the use of a score, a path in a space and a rhythm imposed without music. Ruth wants to share, discuss and work on the scores of Calico Mingling (1973) and Katema (1978.)

In 2015, Lucinda Childs transmitted three of her iconic Judson Dance Theater solos from the 1960s to her niece Ruth Childs. This first artistic encounter gave birth to the recreation of Pastime (1963), Carnation (1964), and Museum Piece (1965). Two years after her first successful collaboration, Ruth Childs continues to revive her aunt’s dances through a second series of performances created in the 1970s: Particular Reel (1973), Calico Mingling (1973), Reclining Rondo (1975) and Katema (1978)

British-American dancer and performer Ruth Childs was born in 1984 in London. She grew up in Norwich, VT and was a valedictorian graduate of Hanover High School. She began her ballet and contemporary dance studies at the Lebanon Ballet School, Lebanon NH, while simultaneously taking violin classes. In 2003 she moved to Geneva to finish her dance training with the Ballet Junior de Genève. Following this, she started working with many internationally known choreographers and directors including Foofwa d’Imobilité, La Ribot, Gilles Jobin, Massimo Furlan, Marco Berrettini and Yasmine Hugonnet.
Since 2015, she is also working on a re-creation and revival project of the early works of her the aunt, the American choreographer Lucinda Childs.
In 2014 she founded her company Scarlett’s in order to develop her own work through dance, performance, film and music and collaborates with Stéphane Vecchione on the musical project Scarlett’s Fall. In 2016 the state of Geneva awarded her a scholarship and research residency in Berlin of 6 months to develop her own work. Her first stage piece in collaboration with Stéphane Vecchione, The Goldfish and the Inner Tube, premiered in April 2018.
She premiered Fantasia, her first solo at the ADC, Geneva in October 2019. Ruth is currently one of the associated artists at Arsenic in Lausanne.
Ruth will be working on her next project this summer at the Barn


The Barn in Corinth
1804 Pike Hill Road
Corinth, VT 05039
United States

$40.00 ( contact info@thejunctiodancefestival directly, if you are unable to pay the full tuition)