HeartMind: Zen & Art Retreat
HeartMind: Zen & Art Retreat
HeartMind: Zen & Art

The Art Monastery and San Francisco Zen Center invite you to an immersive online weekend that will offer you new tools to drop into profound states of spaciousness, relaxation and joy. Surprise yourself by encountering the mysterious and powerful life force that courses below the surface of your everyday mind.

Join Abbesses Fu Schroeder and Suiko McCall, along with musician Phoebe Rosquist, in a heart-led experiential workshop that will explore what happens when we move our awareness from the logical, linear and linguistic left brain where we live most of our modern lives, and attune/commune with the non-conceptual energy field beneath and around our thinking minds.

We will investigate what the more-than-human natural world has to teach us about how to live in balance and we will engage in deeply relaxing meditation practices that encourage us to feel through our bodies directly. We will experiment with various creative practices that seek to bypass our inhibited consciousness and allow our unique blessings to find expression in language, mark-making, and other forms of art.

Whether you already have an art practice or are looking to re-connect with your creativity, this workshop opens the door to marrying the dharma with artmaking and as a result, deepening both practices.

This online retreat will offer
– dharma talks
– guided creative practices
– spacious time to work on your own creative projects
– zazen (meditation)
– movement, singing & chant