red chair with christmas lights
red chair with christmas lights
ChoreoLab Work in Progress at the Barn in Corinth

This Work in Progress features works by two ChoreoLab participants and a baroque dance demo:

Mary Chris Debelina's "your eyes need tears to work correctly", with Ellis Broderick, Leila Faulstich, Anna Goodling and Elizabeth Kurylo. Mary Chris graduated from Dartmouth with a BA in biology and went on to Sarah Lawrence College and earned her MFA in dance. In those years she taught and choreographed for the Dartmouth Dance Ensemble and founded the Children’s Creative Dance program at Dartmouth. In 2019, MC choreographed and danced for the Juventas Music Ensemble. This was the beginning of a lovely collaboration. MC has danced for Juventas a number of times since then and is proud to be a part of Shell and Wing, which won The American Prize Ernst Bacon Award for Performance of American Music. She teaches modern dance and ballet at Contemporary Dance and Fitness Studio and Dance for Parkinsons at the Montpelier Senior Center. In addition to creating her own work, MC dances with Willow Wonder and Hannah Dennison and is a member of the Vermont Dance Alliance.

Martina Lundstrom's solo piece " Dogs and Horses" . Martina Lundström’s performances address the ambivalence about being an artist while living off a trust fund. She challenges her inheritance of a power and privilege that has been beneficial to her. By narrating vulnerable stories about herself, her family and her dog, as well as fantasies and fairytales, she breaks through the dysfunctional silence that oppresses and protects the culture of the owning class. She received an MFA with a focus on performance at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University in 2019. Lundström grew up in Sweden where the inevitability of ‘outside’ and a certain angle of light came to inform her belief in art as a medium for making things.

A look at the passacaille of Lully's "Persee", choreography of Guillaume-Louis Pecour from the notation of Feuillet-Beauchamp with Ellis Broderick and Elizabeth Kurylo. Elizabeth performed professionally in Europe before moving to New York City where she focused on learning the Merce Cunningham technique. While still dancing she earned a BS degree in Physical Therapy and a MS in clinical Investigation. She practiced physical therapy until 2018, while continuing to dance and to choreograph. She performed with and choreographed for What’s Written Within in Martha’s Vineyard, collaborating with dancers at the Yard, and performing at the Hebrew Center and Built on Stilts. Twice, she choreographed original pieces for the Vermont Dance Alliance Galas. She recently received a Vermont Arts Council grant to create the documentary “Covid, A Poem and A Rope”. VT. She is the founder and director of the Junction Dance Festival. She is a passionate of baroque dance and actively promotes baroque dance in Vermont through workshops led by master teachers, as well as through her own choreographies which often borrow the character and style of baroque dance.


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