barn door against greenish background
barn door against greenish background
4 women sitting around lights
4 women sitting around lights
ChoreoLab Closing Performance

The Junction Dance Festival is sponsoring and is pleased to present the 2021 ChoreoLab Closing Performance, featuring work by ChoreoLab participants Martina Lundstrom and Mary Chris DeBelina .They will be joined by dancers Anna Goodling, Leila Faulstich, Ellis Broderick and Elizabeth Kurylo.
For nine weeks, once or twice a week, Martina and Mary Chris came to The Barn in Corinth to work on their unique projects. The performance is the culmination of their hard work.
Also in the program is an introduction to baroque dance with the delightful piece, Persee's Passacaille, taught by Elizabeth Kurylo and danced by Ellis Broderick and Julie Frew.
Finally, a special screening of the film Our Voices, Bodies Rising by Peggy Brightman will open the show.
Adapting to new and challenging self-distancing conditions, Peg invited Vermont poets to submit poems exploring aspects of women’s struggle for empowerment; thirteen area poets contributed twenty poems to the libretto, arranged in five acts. Each poem became a “scene.” In response to each, choreographic instructions were emailed to actors and dancers. They used smartphones to film their own one-minute scenes in their own homes-- kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms or backyards. Their videos were emailed to Carla Kimball, videographer; then filmmaker and choreographer collaborated on how to assemble and arrange them.

July 30th at the Barn In Corinth, 1804 Pike Hill road, Corinth VT.
Tickets $15:

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