AXIAL ARCING: Moving the limbs from the spine
During this program we are focusing on information from within the Axis Syllabus and other sources of research (Somatic Experiencing, and the field of Rolfing). This program will offer movers of all disciplines an opportunity to experience a deeper respect for this design, emerging from the forces at play, that we call the human body.
This is part three of a four part modular program. It was designed to be taken all together but you are welcome to come to just one or some.
Part 3 -- Axial Arcing: Moving the Limbs from the Spine
This program segment will look at the shoulder and hip Axis Arcs. We will study the moderate angles associated with optimal force transmission through the hip and shoulder joints. We will also look at what it is to lead the limbs from the spine. In this segment we will continue to look at the questions of: How can listening be a source of power? What does it mean to respect and identify boundaries? How do the joints inform us about living in relationships?
Upcoming final session:
Part 4 -- A study of the Nervous System as it relates to movement, Aug 18-22
This program is residential and in-person only. Registration fee $475 for four days and three nights including accommodations and meals.
The numbers of people able to participate, and the cost of the programs have been influenced by the current state of the COVID pandemic. We have a NOTALOF (no person turned away for lack of funds) policy. We invite those who can afford to pay more to contact us to contributing to Mutual Aid to support all members attending.
Currently testing is required to attend. COVID protocols may be updated as the date approaches.
Participating Artists

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$475 but no one turned away for lack of funds