TRACES 2020: Video Performance!

Due to the current circumstances, VDA is organizing an online video performance for this year's TRACES outdoor dance festival! Love to dance outside? Want to reconnect with the VDA dance community? Read on!

1) Step one!
Online Registration/Waiver form and payment due by Saturday May 9th. This project is free for VDA members, $5-$25 sliding scale for non-VDA members. (Please note we will not include your videos if we do not receive your waiver and registration by May 9th).
See links in side bar titled: "Registration/Waiver" and "Payment"

2) Step two! Create your own unique dance!
-Choreograph your dance, or plan your improvisation score. Submissions can be 0:20 seconds minimum- 1 minute maximum. Think about the composition of where you will be in relationship to the camera.
-Choose an outdoor site that you will film your dance. Clear the space of things you do not want to see in the filming, or make a set and add your own imagination! In consistency with the TRACES outdoor dance festival, all dances must be outside. The challenge is to pick the best setting you can. The background is important and a variety is good! Think site-specific.
- Film the dance, following these rules:
        - For editing purposes, we are asking all dancers to begin and end off camera. Make sure that you are completely out of sight before entering, and completely out of sight after exiting. (Dancers must enter and exit from OFF camera, ie: enter from the left or jump down from above/rush off towards the camera or run off to the right, etc.)
       -  If someone else is filming the work, be aware of fingers over the lens and their shadows.
       - Make sure you film on a day that you are well lit, but not overexposed by the sun! If you are filming at night be sure you have lights.
       - Camera must be sturdy and static.
       - Make sure the camera is filming you straight on, rather than an angle looking up at you or down at you.
       - Timeframe 0:20 seconds minimum- 1 minute maximum
       - Must be outside.
       - Feel free to make any sound, but please do not use music as we will be using music from Vermont artists to build a sound score for the video.
       - Costume of your choice! Something you feel good in, that won’t disappear with your background.
       - All videos must be shot in LANDSCAPE setting.
       - This will be the first video you submit, titled “OWN DANCE, FULL NAME.”

3) Step three: UNSION section!
-Each dancer will also need to learn and film themselves performing set choreography as taught by VDA. VDA/Hanna Satterlee will create a short unison phrase, with counts, taught by a video tutorial that will be shared with you by Monday May 11th, including the music to practice to.
- There will be two live rehearsals for all to attend- please attend at least one of the two rehearsals. Rehearsals are scheduled for Saturday May 16th 12-1pm EST via zoom, and/or Tuesday May 19th at 8-9pm EST via zoom. It is expected that you will have learned the movement to the best of your ability before these rehearsals. We will practice together and answer any questions.
- Dancers will need to film their performance of the unison, on their own, following these rules:
        - Choose an interesting site or stay with your original outdoor site!
        - Costume: please wear the same thing that you wore for your own dance video.
        - For this film, start “on stage.” Make sure your body is in the center of the frame, so there is space above, below and to the sides of your body during all movements.
        - Be sure you are on the right counts! It is fine to film yourself dancing to the music. We will mute all submissions and layer the music on during the editing process.
        - This will be the second video you submit, titled “UNISON, FULL NAME.”

4) Review your videos before submitting. Be sure you did it right/how you wanted, or do it again!

5) Upload your videos to the google drive link on side bar (titled "Upload Videos") by May 26th. Please note we will not accept late submissions. Title each submission as such:

6) Save the date! Join us for a facebook watch party on June 20th, time TBD! Watch for our announcement in the VDA e-newsletter.

Wondering how to film?
For consistency in the resolution of your submissions, filming it is best to use your iphone/ipad/phone.
If you do not have an iphone/ipad/phone, you can use:
Quicktime on a Mac
Windows Media player on PC
set up a zoom meeting with yourself and record it: make sure that HD is selected under the video settings.
(We are looking for 1920 x 1080 pixels- normal settings for iphone cameras)

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May 4–26, 2020


Free for VDA members, $5-$25 sliding scale for non-VDA members


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Published May 1, 2020