Sourdough Dance-Off

A crowd-sourced choreographic project that grows like dough.

Ever maintained a sourdough culture? Then you know how a "starter" of plain flour and water can bubble into delicious bread. We're doing the same… only for dance. And we need all you movers out there!

Each week we'll release a starter: a one-minute morsel of delightful choreography. We'll post this starter on our web page, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

Then all you interested dance makers will create your own video dance responses. These are one-minute dances that incorporate the "starter" video in some way. You take something from what you've seen, and then add your own voice, your own ingredients, your own imagination. It's a choreographic reaction. And it also needs to be one minute or shorter.

We'll be gathering these tasty contributions and sharing them with the world in a weekly video. We'll also pick three video dances to feature, which you'll see in our weekly highlight reel. Over the weekend, you all can vote on which video dance should become the "Sourdough Dance Starter" for the next week.

It's our first-ever remote, crowd-sourced choreographic project, hosted by John Heginbotham and the Dartmouth Dance Ensemble.

Every Monday at 9 am: Weekly Sourdough Starter video posted
Every Wednesday at midnight: Weekly video submissions are due
Every Friday at 3 pm: Weekly highlight video of Sourdough Dance submissions featuring 3 of our favorites.
Friday-Sunday at midnight: Audience votes on next week's Sourdough Starter

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April 6 – May 15, 2020




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Published April 6, 2020