Seeking Nourishment

Pauline Jennings will lead Seeking Nourishment, a community-building, riddle-solving urban wilderness walk with site-specific performances in downtown Burlington as part of A Feverish World Symposium, on Saturday Oct 20. Feverish World is organized by the EcoCultureLab at UVM. Seeking Nourishment will be created and performed by Pauline Jennings in collaboration with Calvin Aham, Joshua Lacourse, Sophie Lizotte, Caroline Bennett, Aaron Gaines, Ellie Broadbent and the students of Performance, Art & Social Justice at Saint Michael's College.

Pre-registration is required.

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Pauline Jennings is a contemporary choreographer and co-Artistic Director of DOUBLE VISION (, an intermedia performance company. As a professional choreographer, Pauline Jennings is compelled to solve questions through her body and its relationship to others via responsive systems. She finds that working with people, rather than static media, offers limitless degrees of individual capabilities, modes of expression, and errors rich in potential for learning. Rooted in that belief, her choreographic method is aimed at providing a journey or learning experience for both dancers and the audience. Jennings aims to offer an experience akin to landing in a foreign country, going first to a busy cafe and observing sounds, sights and smells, excitedly searching for familiar gestures, patterns and relationships while ever so slowly attempting to discern details that aid in understanding the big picture. It is important that both the dancers and audience partake in this journey together – neither party quite knowing all of the details at the start of a performance, but discovering them together along the way. Developing emergent forms, responsive systems, and modes of audience interactivity has enabled her to choreograph in this manner. Emergent work further demonstrates and attempts to viscerally capture the excitement, confusion and fear that accompany our rapidly changing society. Through her work, Pauline hopes that viewers will have an opportunity to reflect upon and take a more active role in determining their own evolution. Jennings’ choreography for stage and interactive installation created in collaboration with DOUBLE VISION have been performed in festivals and showcases nationwide, including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Merce Cunningham Studio, EMPAC (Emergent Media and Performing Arts Center, RPI), and ODC Theater. Internationally, her work has been shown by venues including the Museumsquartier Wien, Institut Intermédií (Prague), ProART International Choreography Platform (Brno), Eastern Bloc (Montreal), Primo Piano LivinGallery (Lecce), and Takt Kunstprojektraum (Berlin). In 2013, Jennings was commissioned by Heidi Boisvert to create a fully emergent, three-game level work that premiered at the Emergent Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC). [radical] signs of life was “one of the first large-scale game-based experiences to use wearable biotechnology to integrate networked bodies and interactive dance. Through responsive dance, the work attempted to externalize the mind’s non-hierarchical distribution of thought and its relationship to other biomimetic structuring principles,” according to director Heidi Boisvert. [radical] served as a springboard for creating additional fully emergent and responsive works for stage. In Encrypted Trajectory, five dancers navigated a framework of rule-based systems in a shared mission of discovery and survival. Throughout their very real struggle, dancers tested societal structures of leadership and rebellion through fleeting coalitions. Pauline recently presented an interactive installation and served on a panel, Interactive Technologies & Movement, at 20th International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA), Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where she had the honor of discussing responsive systems in performance. Now based in Burlington, VT, Jennings teaches dance at Saint Michael’s College in Vermont. She was previously a Visiting Artist for the Mills College Dance Department’s Repertory Dance Company and...