Radical Humanity Showing

In this course, we are looking at performance art and the dynamic power of activism through art, focusing primarily on the collaborative creation of performance infused with a social conscience. Please join us for this informal showing of creation, care and collaboration in this highly experiential class, facilitated by guest instructor Reggie Daniels.

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The Middlebury College Dance Program seeks to develop the creative artist and artist/scholar through critical study and regular practice in contemporary, world dance techniques; improvisation and choreography; history, theory, and cultural studies; experiential anatomy and kinesiology; and performance. Along with classes, the Middlebury Dance Program hosts a series of master classes and workshops that are free and open to the public. Artists are brought in from all over the world to share their perspective and put into practice the notion that Movement Matters.


January 29, 2020
5:00–6:00 PM




This event has already occurred.

Published January 27, 2020