Perspective Series: Three Conversations

Come to one or come to all!
Aug 11, Aug 18, Aug 25

AUG 11
Community Perspectives:
*David Waller & Hanna Satterlee *
Storytelling for the Collective: Come reflect on aspects of your identity that inspired you to pursue the arts. Using an anthropological lens we will explore how we all engage in creative mediums through our experiences as people holding intersectional identities. Facilitator David Waller will use their experience as a non-binary person of color with a hearing deficiency, to model the activity by discussing how their identities have informed the way that they engage with music, movement, and writing. Participants will explore their own identities and experiences, listen and reflect on the stories of others, and engage in a movement exploration of their own personal learnings. Participants who join this conversation will be given materials to be able to facilitate this workshop for others in their social and professional circles. Open to dancers and non-dancers alike.

AUG 18
Privileged Perspectives, Round 2!
*Millie Heckler*
We know dance is a form of activism. Let's dig in to some questions many of us have asked ourselves of late.. What kind of voice do I bring to the social justice table? How can I create dance that makes a difference, that fights for what I believe in? What considerations are important to take as a non-BIPOC Vermonter? How can I change the way I share dance in the pursuit of anti-racism?

AUG 25
Inside Perspectives:
*Jessie Owens + Matt LaRocca*
How are you dancing right now? How are you working with the parameters you’ve been given? What inspires you? Join us for a conversation and idea swap about making dances and performances and collaborating with other artists in these times. Connect with other artists through your shared desires. Open to everyone: dancers inspired to create, dancers in the process of creating, dance enthusiasts interested in an inside perspective on the creation process, artists and service providers looking to support artists in their work.

Meeting ID: 869 7093 4333
Password: VDA

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Participating artists

Bio: A Vermont native with a B.A. in Dance and Humanities from Bennington College, Emma Manion exercises a lifelong fascination with the human body’s composition, capabilities, means of creative expression, and direct link to quality of life. Her work as a Dance Instructor, Personal Trainer, and Choreographer illustrates her passion for moving with mechanical thoughtfulness, questions and intentions. Emma has collaborated with a number of fellow artists and companies including San Francisco-based Rhythm and Motion, Modern On Command, Carolé Acuña Dance Theater, and traveled as a backup dancer for musicians Kerli and Pasquale Esponito. In her solo craftwork, Emma blends technical training with playful intuitiveness to explore selected inquiries more than creating declaration-based work. Her dances often involve theatrics, are always set, but elements of improv have been (bravely!) showing up lately.. As a VDA member: “I moved back to VT in March '17 after a decade of jumping around in CA. Currently splitting my time between my native Montpelier and the Calais woods, I'm teaching Dance (Sundays, 11a, at CDFS and Wednesdays, 4:30p at Zenith!) and Fitness (group and PT workouts at Studio Zenith!). Aiming to discover/cultivate a full & forward moving dance career, community, and place of inspiring exploration...

Jessie Owens is the founder of Ergo Movement, a collaborative performance project based in Burlington, Vermont. She holds a BA in Dance from Smith College, where she attended as an Ada Comstock, or non-traditional scholar. She is the current Vice President of the Vermont Dance Alliance, where she is working to support dance in all of its forms.


July 28 – August 25, 2020


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Published July 7, 2020