Noyes Nature Rhythm - Wild Winter

Heal your mind and body through deep relaxation, expansive movement, and playful fun! With beautiful LIVE PIANO music and rich nature imagery. Unfold like a fern, melt like snow on mountain, romp like young animals, join the swirl of the clouds in the sky. Noyes Rhythm is an amazing 100-year-old movement practice started by a radical woman in 1912.

OUR LAST DROP-IN class for a little while. (Project-based registered sessions after this). Don't miss it!
$5-20 Sliding scale. A great deal for masterful teaching and live piano collaboration. Emily and Alison Mott, twin teacher guides! Samuel Whitesell, pianist.

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Emily Arwen Mott is a musician, dancer, and massage therapist. She has taught the Noyes Rhythm movement system to adults for 15 years and is now a program director for the Noyes School of Rhythm in Portland, CT. Emily is fascinated with the deep creativity and healing that comes from awakening the body’s intelligence. She expresses her love for the world through teaching, touch and composition. Emily runs a private music instruction studio, music and movement classes for children, and is certified as a therapeutic horseback riding instructor. CURRENT CLASS SERIES: Noyes Rhythm all-levels: Sundays at 2pm starting June 14th -August 2 (virtual) "Forest Breathing" Meeting ID: 868 5499 4472

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I've been dancing since I was wee! Mostly modern, some improv, some choreography.. I studied Ballet, Modern and Jazz technique as a young teen at the Brooklyn College Preparatory Center for the Arts in NYC, Noyes Rhythm in Connecticut since a small child, and performed with Lida Winfield in multiple performances including dancing for Bess O'Brien's documentary All of Me, Heather Bryce and Joy Madden here in Vermont. In Vermont I was a founding organizer of the Burlington International Contact Jam (reboot) and a main organizer for the last 8 years, and also a founding organizer of Traces! with Hannah Satterlee last year -- second annual occurring here in a few weeks. Dance, nature, music are all essential for my life and I've made my days reflect that. I am venturing recently into Burlesque and the crossover into body acceptance and loving it.


December 8, 2018
10:00 AM–11:30 PM




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Published December 2, 2018