Noyes Nature Rhythm

100 years ago, Florence Fleming Noyes created a practice for all bodies that is restorative and rejuvenating. It is intelligent technique and creative movement based in nature truths. The work brings strength, inspiration and FLOW.

Live piano music by Sam Whitesell.

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Emily Arwen Mott is a musician, dancer, and masseuse. She has taught the Noyes Rhythm movement system to adults for 15 years and is now a program director for the Noyes School of Rhythm in Portland, CT. Emily is fascinated with the deep creativity and healing that comes from awakening the body’s intelligence. She expresses her love for the world through teaching, touch and composition. Emily runs a private music instruction studio, music and movement classes for children, and is certified as a therapeutic horseback riding instructor. Currently teaching weekly classes at Railyard Apothecary Sundays at 12pm.


April 14, 2018
10:00–11:30 AM




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Published March 29, 2018