Noyes Movement Class

Noyes Rhythm is a century-old movement practice emphasizing the relationship between image and movement. This workshop begins with an exploration of Noyes principles of alignment and elementary Noyes techniques guided by both physics similes and symbols from nature. After establishing this foundational vocabulary, participants will experience a traditional Noyes recreation class, an image-driven improvisational journey infused with beautiful live piano music. The Noyes class consists of three parts: an opportunity to shed self-conscious awareness of ourselves as people, the practice of technique to develop strength and coordination, and the release of the body into image-driven, free movement. Noyes movement follows organic, energetic pathways and cultivates inner awareness of harmony, strength, freedom, and joy.

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Emily Arwen Mott is a musician, dancer, and massage therapist. She has taught the Noyes Rhythm movement system to adults for 15 years and is now a program director for the Noyes School of Rhythm in Portland, CT. Emily is fascinated with the deep creativity and healing that comes from awakening the body’s intelligence. She expresses her love for the world through teaching, touch and composition. Emily runs a private music instruction studio, music and movement classes for children, and is certified as a therapeutic horseback riding instructor. CURRENT CLASS SERIES: Noyes Rhythm all-levels: Sundays at 2pm starting June 14th (virtual) "Forest Breathing"


February 15, 2020
11:00 AM–12:30 PM


$5-15 Sliding Scale


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Published January 31, 2020