Movement Medicine Workshop with Susannah Darling Khan

Life Lab is dedicated to showing you how to bring more presence, potency, perspective, communication skill and meaning to your life.

The focus is on embodied learning, working with the whole of your body-heart-mind intelligence. In a safe and exciting space we will explore new possibilities supported by the "joy stream" of free movement. At the end of our time together, you will have developed a package of tools and mini-practices, which, with practice, can make a real difference in your life.

Over the weekend, we will use movement to develop:

- Presence
- Life energy and potency
- The life changing perspectives of gratitude, appreciation and generosity
- A sense of purpose and meaning
- The ability to change your state when you are caught in a negative spiral

Together we will embody, practice, reflect and discover new ways to bring the freedom of the dance into the dance of our every day life.

Movement Medicine is a shamanic, conscious dance practice that integrates ancient and modern wisdom and helps support who you can become.

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I am a modern dancer who now is a conscious/ecstatic free dancer. I produce workshops and bring out-of-state movement teachers to Vermont.


January 25–27, 2019


$215 if you register by December 31. $235 if you register in January.


This event has already occurred.

Published December 14, 2018