In Search of Air

"In Search of Air: Growing Up Dyslexic", a one hour dance/theater performance based on her experience growing up with a learning disability, dancer, choreographer and spoken word artist Lida
Winfield shares the gifts and heartache that accompanied
her struggle to learn to read - which did not occur until her
early twenties. Mixing vignettes woven in a creative and
captivating format, the show is a platform to engage a wide variety of populations to experience disability, access and the value of the arts.

“. . . In middle school there were more of us - a lot more of us. Every child with a behavioral, social, physical or learning disability was tucked in the same room; there was not enough money, time or energy to actually teach us in the ways we needed. So we were just separate.”

This performance is free and open to the public.

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Lida is an accomplished dancer, choreographer and spoken word artist. Since 2006, she has created original solo, duet and group work; merging storytelling, dance and visual art to create captivating and poignant performances that have taken place on and off the stage. Lida has traveled nationally and internationally as a performer and educator working with diverse populations in conventional and unconventional settings. In 2011, she earned a Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College with a focus on the transformative power of the expressive arts. Lida develops and creates dances that are quirky, provocative, and physically honest. Lida challenges herself and her audiences to participate in dance as an open dialogue. Her art and her choreography are creations which tell stories, ask questions, explore limits, and celebrate beauty in what is awkward, raw, and vulnerable. She is inspired by the human capacity to cope, to imagine and to transform. Her work is informed by wilderness, socioeconomic divides, disabilities, access, the search for place or home, the magical and the quiet details of everyday life. Lida is currently teaching in the dance department at Middlebury College.


January 29, 2019
4:30–5:30 PM




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Published January 12, 2018