form into freedom: a contact improvisation intensive

Form into Freedom:
Fluid Landscapes in Contact Improvisation
with Carly Czach

How do we experience the fullness of being alive in our bodies? How can we explore our own movement potential while remaining available to listen to and negotiate sharing an axis with a partner? How can we organize our bodies with efficiency and yet inhabit a space of improvisation?

Contact Improvisation offers itself to your imagination, cultivating curiosity in the paradoxes of the form: structure and improvisation, weighted-ness and weightlessness, stability within fluidity.

This workshop begins with form; laying the foundation with CI skills as a jumping off point. Finding inspiration from connection with the floor, ourselves and our partner, our dancing becomes more embodied as we go from shaping to listening, and challenging ourselves to respond to what each moment asks for.

As we become more adventurous, we find ways to invite our partners into novelty, exploring 360 degrees of movement potential; falling and soaring together, unbound.

This workshop is open to movers of all levels of experience with Contact Improvisation, including beginners.

About Carly Czach
After 25 years of intensive training in ballet and post-modern dance forms, Carly Czach gravitated towards the joyful practice of Contact Improvisation. She teaches regularly at Movement Research, and has taught classes in New York City, at Columbia College Chicago, at Earthdance Creative Living, the Israeli CI Festival and in Bogotá, Colombia. Her classes focus on cultivating strength and efficiency, while accessing freedom in each moment. Carly holds a BFA in Dancemaking, is a 500-RYT Yoga teacher, and is dedicated to exploring movement, awareness, and the joy of inhabiting our dynamic bodies.

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Jonathan came to contact improvisation in 2013, after twenty years of training in aikido, a martial art that can be said to be a direct ancestor of this dance form. His movement and teaching styles are deeply informed by his experience with the Feldenkrais method of somatic education, as well as by a daily meditation practice in the Tibetian Buddhist tradition. In addition to thousands of hours of experience teaching aikido, he has taught workshops or classes in contact improvisation at a half-dozen locations in the US and Canada. In his day job, he studies ocean physics.


May 3–5, 2019


$100 -- $140 sliding scale


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Published February 22, 2019