Enter the Void

Each visitor will have a chance to cross over from earth to the deep space beyond, where sound, light, and time itself move differently.

You'll receive our expert guidance in your crossing and your return, as well as a collection of words from fellow travelers - part passport, part visitor's guide, part program of events.

We can't say for sure what you'll see on your pilgrimage - it is never quite the same - but we know something is out there, in the nothing. And it watches back.

See what you can see. Let the darkness hold you. Leave light and body behind you, for a while.

Come back changed.

Sarah Vogelsang-Card, Noah Witke Mele; body paint by Toby MacNutt and Noah Hirka

The show takes place in Spotlight's black box theater. Access is step-free and performance is on a single flat level. Seating is flexible and optional. The lighting level will be very low; staff will be on-hand to assist with navigation as needed. If you'd like to further dampen your sensory experience, disposable earplugs will be available.

Certain showings (1pm on Saturday, 5pm on Sunday) are available as access-enhanced showings. These showings feature a higher light level and will have staff on-hand to offer verbal description and touch tour elements to whoever may desire them.

The Visitor's Guide zine is available in print, digital, large print, and Braille formats.

For additional accommodations or with questions, contact Toby (twmacnutt@gmail.com)

Saturday Jun 9: 1pm (access-enhanced), 2, 2:30, 3, 6, 6:30, 7, 7:30pm

Sunday Jun 10: 1, 1:30, 2, 2:30, 5 (access-enhanced), 6, 6:30, 7, 7:30

Kids 8 & under free - no need to book a ticket. Children are welcome at all showings; those afraid of the dark might be happier at access-enhanced showings as they have more light.

"Apastron" by Jennifer Mace
"jumping species" by Kaolin Fire
"A Cosmological Constant" by Toby MacNutt
"Bisecting Infinity" by Jennifer Mace
"astrophobia" by Rae White
"Do Not Imagine" by Mari Ness
"we traverse the dark" by Hester J Rook
"Kore Rises: Act I, stillness" by Melody Watson

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I'm interested in: what defines a body? How do our bodies relate us - to each other, the world? My training and experience includes a wide breadth of contemporary, improvisational, and adaptive styles, with a childhood foundation in ballet, jazz, and modern dance. I have studied with integrated companies such as AXIS Dance, Stopgap, Candoco, as well as individual teachers, choreographers, and experienced performance mentors. My performance history ranges from yoga studios in small Vermont towns to Danspace St Mark's in New York City to festivals in the UK and Germany. I am available to teach - dance topics, adaptive strategies, and more; to perform; or to engage in the creation of new work.

Participating artists

Noah Witke Mele is a queer artist/performer/writer. His works strives to blur the line between life and art. Noah has been featured at Phantom Theater, the Helen Day Art Center, Ello, and Balaclava.Q. Noah is a certified master teacher in DEEP [Death Electric Emo Protest] AEROBICS by Miguel Gutierrez. His favorite food might be chocolate cake.


I am one third of the dark, theatrical, fusion dance company, The Accaliae. The Accaliae bring together passion, steadfastness and serenity to create a dark, theatrical side of belly dance. Along the way they have entranced innocents, battled creatures of the Underdark, re-birthed civilization and invoked the elements.


June 9–10, 2018




This event has already occurred.

Published May 29, 2018