Contact Improvisation Workshop

Centering and Connection in Contact Improvisation

This workshop will provide an introduction to the fundamental principles of contact improvisation. It is suitable for total beginners, as well as those who have prior experience.

How do we dance with ourselves, with our own center of balance, and yet connect with a partner at the same time? Centering and connection are essential tools for enriching the dance, as well as providing the foundation for spontaneous lifts.

Beginning with an investigation of our own body in gravity, we will proceed to exercises to deepen our understanding of rolling point of contact, structure, and weight sharing, and then see how these skills lead to new possibilities that enrich our dancing.

The course will be jointly taught by Jonathan Lilly and Charlotte Pigeon Tremblay, both of whom have trained extensively in contact improvisation and other movement arts.

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Jonathan came to contact improvisation in 2013, after twenty years of training in aikido, a martial art that can be said to be a direct ancestor of this dance form. His movement and teaching styles are deeply informed by his experience with the Feldenkrais method of somatic education, as well as by a daily meditation practice in the Tibetian Buddhist tradition. In addition to thousands of hours of experience teaching aikido, he has taught workshops or classes in contact improvisation at a half-dozen locations in the US and Canada. In his day job, he studies ocean physics.


February 23, 2019
10:00 AM–6:00 PM


$30 - $50 sliding scale


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Published February 11, 2019