Active Presence: a movement lab with Sarah & Sakshi

Join Sarah Brutzman and Sakshi Keeton for an afternoon of movement exploration in a beautiful natural setting.

Gathering in the large yurt with the sound of the river as a backdrop, we will join nature within and without. Through guided perceptual exercises and facilitated free movement, we will dive deeply into our creative moving selves, expanding our sense of who we are as physical beings.

Our investigation will center around connecting with the body’s innate intelligence. We will explore ways of enhancing our ability to allow unlearned ways of knowing to surface in the body, discovering what we can experience about ourselves and others as both simple and complex movers.

Come in soft, comfortable clothing with layers for temperature adjustment. We will spend time on the floor and on our feet. Some exercises involving physical contact with others should be expected.

Pre-registration is required.
PLEASE REGISTER by Sunday, September 15!

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I have been a dancer and a mover in one form or another all of my life. I am fascinated with how I relate to and express myself in the world through the body and am always looking for ways to facilitate this curiosity and investigation for others. I believe that developing the intuitive wisdom and creative expression of the physical body is a crucial aspect of human health and integrity. Currently I lead conscious dance exploration, yoga and meditation classes, often melding disciplines. My movement work is deeply informed by my experience as a yoga therapist and a bodyworker specializing in CranioSacral work and therapeutic massage. I completed my most recent dance facilitation training with the school of Meditation Moves out of Calgary Canada. I have lead movement exploration classes and retreats in multiple venues in Vermont and Colorado and more recently in South and Central America and Southern Europe.


September 22, 2019
2:00–5:00 PM


$25 per person


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Published August 14, 2019