Synthesis Movement Research (Online)

Synthesis is a movement research and education framework that draws from martial arts, dance, and somatics. Its goal is to increase freedom, preparedness, ease, and power within our movements. This is done by sequentially layering carefully constructed exercises and guided explorations that unravel long-held patterns of tension, and that eventually build into new, surprising, and joyful pathways. It is suitable for movers of all levels and backgrounds.

Three ongoing parallel series are offered. These can be taken individually or together.

Series I. Tuesdays. Upper body. 8–9:30 PM
Head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands. Dexterity and freedom. Transmitting power.

Series II. Thursdays. Lower body. 8–9:30 PM
Pelvis, hips, legs, feet. Mobility and balance. Aligning with gravity.

Series III. Saturdays. Pathways. 10–11:30 AM
Rolling, falling, and rising. Transitions and locomotion. Human and animal.

To participate, simply click on the Zoom link,, and enter password 899034, or go to Zoom and enter the Meeting ID 219-823-456 and then password 899034. It is the same Zoom link for every class.

Attendance is free for the duration of the quarantine. There is no need to register, and no prerequisites other than curiosity. Just show up. New attendees please read through the Orientation information at this link to joining:

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Jonathan Lilly trained for more than twenty years in the martial art of aikido, before transitioning to contact improvisation and improvisational dance as his primary movement practices in 2013. In addition to thousands of hours of experience teaching aikido, he has taught movement fundamentals and/or contact improvisation at a half-dozen locations in the US, Canada, and Europe. His movement and teaching styles are deeply informed by a period of in-depth study of the Feldenkrais method of somatic education in the mid-1990’s, as well as by a daily meditation practice in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. In his day job, he is a scientist studying ocean physics.


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Published April 7, 2020