Monday Night Ballet Series: Focus on the Feet

Mondays in September: Focus on the Feet

Join Chatch Pregger for a 4 class ballet series that focuses on the Feet!

Level: Open Level Adult Ballet Class
No registration needed but dancers should plan to attend all 4 Mondays 9/9, 9/16, 9/23, 9/30. Class is available at the typical Spotlight Vermont Drop-In rates.

Ballet dancers sure do love their feet- and with good reason! Take a few weeks to focus on learning more about how to stretch and strengthen one of the more important parts of a dancer’s body. Start out each class working through a series of partnered and self- foot stretches. Learn a foot stretching routine that you can build into your own practice. Class will then move through barre and center with focus on foot articulation, strengthening and technique.

(Note: Bring a theraband if you have one.)

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Ballet Vermont’s vision is to bring high quality ballet to all corners of Vermont while using art to highlight social issues important to our community in new and inspiring ways. Ballet Vermont provides a path for professional ballet dancers, musicians, composers, and choreographers in Vermont to collaborate and bring Vermont based original works of ballet dance to the community.



$16-$18 per class


Published August 28, 2019