Introduction to adult ballet

Have you always admired ballet but didn't know where to start? START HERE! This class is designed to go slow and ease you into all of the basics needed to help you be successful in a beginner drop-in class.

In this 6 week session, you will have a chance to learn basics at the barre- where do you stand? which hand goes on the barre? What on earth does en Croix mean? Move through the basics of class and build your confidence!

Cost: $85
This is a 6 week class that requires registration. (Follow the link) This pre-enrollment class will have you in class with the same group of adult students for the whole series- allowing you to build a safe, positive and supportive atmosphere with one another.

This class is suitable for adults of all ages and is an excellent choice for any gender.

What to Wear: Any exercise clothes that can stretch comfortably. On your feet: either socks or ballet shoes!

Injuries/Health Conditions: Please let your instructor know of any related health conditions or injuries at the start of class.

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Ballet Vermont’s vision is to bring high quality ballet to all corners of Vermont while using art to highlight social issues important to our community in new and inspiring ways. Ballet Vermont provides a path for professional ballet dancers, musicians, composers, and choreographers in Vermont to collaborate and bring Vermont based original works of ballet dance to the community.



  • Monday Jan 27
  • Monday Feb 3
  • Monday Feb 10
  • Monday Feb 17


$85 for 6 weeks


Published January 3, 2020