Intro to Danse Oryantal with Yvonne Brunot

Far from being a monolithic art form, belly dance has cultural influences from the Middle East, North Africa and the countries surrounding the Mediterranean. Danse Oryantal is the style most influenced by the dance heritage of Turkey. Embracing movement and gestures that trace their heritage to the Çengi dancers of the Ottoman Empire, Turkish style belly dance is alternately playful, energetic and fiery. Exciting rhythms and distinctive music set the tone for these introductory classes. Teacher Yvonne has studied this style of belly dance for over two decades, and is happy to introduce it to a new generation of curious students.

For: Individuals curious about the cultural influences on belly dance (a term that is problematic but hard to jettison because of its widespread use). Anyone interested in movement as more than a "workout" and has appreciation for the aesthetics of this dance, anyone willing to try a new style of dance altogether, or someone who feels that the current style of belly dance that they do is limited and would like to switch gears for a little while.


Yvonne can’t remember a time when she wasn’t listening to music. Raised on the 331/3 RPM records of her pianist mother, she knew at an early age that music and movement should go together. Yvonne rapidly found inspiration as a dancer when she started study of Danse Oryantale with acclaimed scholar and dancer Artemis Mourat. Since moving to New England, she has participated in a number of community, charity and local events. One of her goals is to encourage cultural exchange between Vermont and teachers abroad to enrich dance education in our state.
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Published August 2, 2020