Guided Free Movement / Ecstatic Dance

Let's MOVE! This class starts slow and then with a highly crafted musical arc, builds to a high energetic peak before bringing you back down. Move, dance, explore however you like! There will be prompts throughout class to help you move in new ways, work through emotions, release old energy, and get any stagnant parts of your life flowing. The last 10 minutes are guided yoga to help us cool down, stretch and recover from all the dancing! All levels, all bodies welcome. Guaranteed to freshen your day.

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Neva Cockrell is a dancer, director, and movement instructor. She tours internationally with Pilobolus (China, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Dubai, Mexico, Israel, and US) and directs new dance-theater works in the US, Dubai, and Europe with her company Loom Ensemble. When she isn't directing or performing, she is teaching her own movement technique, Catalyst Training, which she developed in 2016. She is based at the Art Monastery in Springfield, VT. Her life path is deeply ground in communal living, body-based activities, art-making, being outside, and contemplative practice.