Dynamic Moving for Active Living with M sara McMahon

Welcomes the older adult into creative expression and active participation. The class incorporates basic movement fundamentals to encourage range of motion, postural stability, and strength. Class structure includes gentle movement fundamentals (adapted to chair if need), barre exercises, and center work, progressing to across the floor and ending with individual and group dances. Dynamic Moving utilizes the whole body, invigorates the spirit and enhances creative expression. Individual experience is acknowledged, no matter the age, and physical proficiency of the participant. Class structure begins seated and progresses to standing (standing sequences can be modified for seated dancers). This class is specifically designed for people who wish to continue moving dynamically as the body adapts to the aging process. Movers are encouraged to participate at their own rate and pace of time and adapt movements to meet their own needs.

For: Those who experience movement challenges and those who want to maintain flexibility and strength through the aging process.

M sara McMahon, MA, a Flynn Arts Faculty member, has been involved in the research, teaching, performing of movement as a form of artistic and personal development for over 40 years. Along with being a movement artist/educator she worked for over 20 years as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Vermont and Alaska. In 2014 she founded the Movement for Parkinson’s program. MfPD provides weekly and monthly classes in Burlington and other communities in Vermont and involves itself in the larger community through providing Lecture/Demonstrations, informal presentations, and performances. MfPD has led movement workshops for colleges, professionals, hospitals and other community organizations. M sara is committed to providing participants with a moving experience that is enjoyable and accessible.
If you need special accommodations, please note VDA will need at least two weeks notice before the class start date. We will do our best to accommodate all needs.

How to Register: Click on “Get More Info” to register for this class, or any class in our fall Resilient Dancing Series! If you need assistance filling out the form, please call 410-458-3672.

Payment: VDA member and Non-VDA member pricing is listed in the registration form. To make your payment please visit vermontdance.org/support, or use our paypal address as listed on the form.

If you are planning to call in as a group, with two or more people sharing one screen, email us to set up a scaled payment to fit your specific needs.

If money is a barrier for you, please email a scholarship request letter detailing your interest, class dates, and amount of support needed.


Thanks to our Scholarship Fund sponsors: Rabble-Rouser Chocolate & Craft Co. (lead sponsor) Northfield Savings Bank, Vermont Federal Credit Union, and City Market Onion River Co-op (participating sponsors) for helping us to provide access to all.

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Published August 2, 2020