Co-Tide Dance- A Movement Medicine Class

Co/Tide Dance, a somatic movement class, is rooted in the notion that connecting with others in an energetic field transforms our minds and bodies into becoming more alive, whole, organized and free flowing. Accompanied by music, we will learn movement basics which open up greater choices and access innate fluidity that supports the freedom to play with spontaneity in enlivened space.

*Be more adaptable in your state of being
*Move with open attention, free of hesitation
*Have a greater sense of fluid body, less pain, more movement!
*Learn integrated movement patterns using the whole body for increased wellness
*Feel comfortable connecting with self and others, both with and without words
*Feel the joy of being you!

The inspiration for this class comes from Liesje's extensive background in dance, energy anatomy, experiential anatomy, functional movement, Body & Earth, Embodyoga, Soul Motion, Continuum, Gaga, and more. As a Somatic Movement Therapist and Rolfer, Liesje understands how to develop and nourish healing states through attention to space, shape, effort and flow.

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Liesje grew up in Vermont, studying dance by age 4. She received a BA in Dance at Naropa University and went on to study at Moving On Center in California and New Dance Development in the Netherlands. As a Rolfer, Liesje teaches functional movement to her clients, and teaching embodiment and dynamic movement at retreat centers and senior centers. She loves to make dance pieces.