Belly Dance: Special Topics - Introduction to Saiidi Style

Saturdays: Belly Dance Special Topics
Introduction to Saiidi Style (All Skill Levels Welcome)
10 am - 11:30 am; $17 drop-in

For Saturday classes, topics will change on a regular basis. While you are welcome to drop-in no matter what your experience level, the target levels for the different topics may vary. Feel free to give them a try!

CLASS CANCEL: 9/14 - No Class on this date
Rescheduled to 9/21
Additional Classes: 9/21, 9/28

No Classes: August 3, 10, 31

Introduction to Saiidi Style begins on August 17.
One of the many folkloric dance styles that is represented in classical and modern belly dance is known as Saiidi style and refers to the dances of the people of the Said region of central/southern Egypt. This dance includes variations for home-style dance, staged folkloric dance, inclusion in raqs sharqi, references to dancing horses, use of a cane as a prop, and even some martial arts moves drawn from men's Tahtib martial arts.

In this class, you will learn to recognize Saiidi music and rhythms, perform basic folkloric steps from the Said, using the cane (or assaya) to dance, and how the Saiidi folkloric dance moves change depending on the style of the performance.

If you have an assaya or cane, please feel free to bring it. A few will be available for classroom use. Some options for purchasing a cane will be listed on the facebook event.

What to Wear: Wear clothes that are comfortable for movement and that allow the teacher to see your body position. You may want to bring a scarf to tie around your hips, but it is not required. You can dance barefoot, in socks, or in dance shoes. If you wear shoes, something with a flexible sole would be best unless you require stiff soles or orthotics for extra support.

Accessibility Information: The studio is up a straight flight of stairs with a handrail (approximately 18 steps). There is no elevator access available at this location.

Drop-ins are welcome. This a multi-level class that offers variations and modifications suitable for beginners through advanced dancers.

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Jessica Brown teaches and performs under the stage name Mahsati Janan and is an instructor, performer, choreographer, and workshop instructor based in Burlington, VT. Since 1996, she has studied and performed throughout the U.S., specializing in the stage and folkloric dances of the Middle East and North Africa. Mahsati is available to teach workshops as well as private or group classes in Egyptian raqs sharqi, Middle Eastern Folkloric, and other related styles derived from the dances of the MENAT region. Mahsati's educational background focuses on cultural traditions. Her anthropology background and research emphases are also strongly represented in her classes and performances honoring the the history and traditions of these dance forms.


$17 drop in; Swan Dojo and Belly Dance with Mahsati Class Cards Accepted


Published July 29, 2019