4-week Contemporary Dance Series (online)

Adult Contemporary Dance 4-week Series (Beginner/Intermediate)

Looking for a longer class, more time to get into your dance practice? This 90 minute, 4-week series will leave you feeling creative, healthy, and inspired! And best of all, it fits in your living room (or another 6x6 foot space). Class begins with a technique based warm-up with an emphasis on strength, flexibility, and balance. Next, we'll do a series of exercises to build specific contemporary dance skills and an ability to move freely with grace. We'll end by learning a contemporary phrase, practicing full-body movement within a small space (a good skill to have!). We will be moving up and down from the floor, taking some weight on the hands, and learning a phrase. This series is ideal if you've been wanting to get back into moving, used to dance but haven't in a while, or just want a good blend of technique, strength, choreography, and stretch.

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Neva Cockrell is a dancer, director, and movement instructor. She tours internationally with Pilobolus (China, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Dubai, Mexico, Israel, and US) and directs new dance-theater works in the US, Dubai, and Europe with her company Loom Ensemble. When she isn't directing or performing, she is teaching her own movement technique, Catalyst Training, which she developed in 2016. She is based at the Art Monastery in Springfield, VT. Her life path is deeply ground in communal living, body-based activities, art-making, being outside, and contemplative practice.


$50 for the series ($35 for Monthly Members, info on webpage)


Published August 27, 2020