Eva Zimet Montpelier, VT

Eva works on our interface with the outside world through awareness of body, mind, and movement.
We're often in the habit of using a few big body blocks or muscle groups to do everything. Eva starts with super simple movements giving people the chance to use different muscle groups independently. Very relaxing and useful.
That's the preview!
Eva is a teacher, writer and designer who holds an MFA from Columbia University, a JD, and graduate certificate in conflict management. She is certified to teach meditation and yoga, and is familiar, if not fluent, in French, German and Spanish.
This interdisciplinary approach to learning and teaching brought Eva to Argentine tango. Tango incorporates elements of fun, connection, improvisation, self-discovery, trust and awareness. She finds that practicing Argentine tango creates a powerful space for healing, trauma recovery, leadership programs, and happiness.
And! Her first illustrated children's book, Lucy Dancer, is available through Rootstock Publishing, Amazon and through her website.