Erica Hunter Moretown, VT

Erica is a dancer, yoga instructor, and Doctor of Physical Therapy currently living in Central VT. She has had the honor of working with and training under many companies and choreographers across genres throughout her career, including Hannah Dennison, Reggie Wilson, Dan Wagoner, Eiko and Koma, and Pilobolus, to name a few.

As a life-long dancer and mover, I have always been driven by the stories we create through dance, and the emotions evoked through even the simplest movement. I am constantly working toward creating more specificity in technique while inspiring playful and unique movement vocabulary. As a yoga instructor, I strive to create a safe space to explore the connection between the body, mind, and spiritual self. As a PT, I have explored the connection between body awareness and motivation leading to a more productive and holistic sense of self and community.

Currently, I am most interested in creating site-specific work, and collaborations in contemporary, acro-yoga, and improvisation, as well as with artists in other media. I am excited to be a member of VDA and to build our network of dance and artistic endeavors in VT!