Emma Manion Calais, VT

Bio: A Vermont native with a B.A. in Dance and Humanities from Bennington College, Emma Manion exercises a lifelong fascination with the human body’s composition, capabilities, means of creative expression, and direct link to quality of life. Her work as a Dance Instructor, Personal Trainer, and Choreographer illustrates her passion for moving with mechanical thoughtfulness, questions and intentions. Emma has collaborated with a number of fellow artists and companies including San Francisco-based Rhythm and Motion, Modern On Command, Carolé Acuña Dance Theater, and traveled as a backup dancer for musicians Kerli and Pasquale Esponito. In her solo craftwork, Emma blends technical training with playful intuitiveness to explore selected inquiries more than creating declaration-based work. Her dances often involve theatrics, are always set, but elements of improv have been (bravely!) showing up lately..

As a VDA member: “I moved back to VT in March '17 after a decade of jumping around in CA. Currently splitting my time between my native Montpelier and the Worcester woods, I'm teaching Dance (Sundays, 11a, at CDFS!) and Fitness (group and PT workouts at Studio Zenith!) with an aim to re-cultivate a full & forward moving career in a place very different from the Bay Area..
I'm excited for VDA to be a part of my new work and play chapter, to meet and collaborate with all walks of artists and dancers alike. Always craving continued education, inspiration from, and ways to support other creatives and movement pros.”

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