Born and raised in France, Elizabeth studied ballet, Russian character and modern dance in Paris. In France, she performed with Irina Grjebina’s Ballets Russes, the Theatre des Arts de Rouen and the Compagnie de Danse Ici et Maintenant. In the 80’s, she moved to New York City with a student visa from Merce Cunningham Studio at Wesbeth. After 15 years hiatus to raise a family and work as a physical therapist, she returned to her former passion. Since, she danced with the Dartmouth Dance Ensemble in Hanover, NH and What’s Written Within in Edgartown, MA. SheI choreographed most of her work with the latter with productions for Built on Stilts, The Yard and the Hebrew Center in Martha’s Vineyard. She is also a passionate of baroque dance and performed with Ken Pierce Baroque group in Boston MA.

"My choreographies are the result of a close collaboration with the dancers. With them and depending on their skills and abilities, I shape what is first a concept into a finished product without ever favoring one style of dance. My inner motive is to bring out, with contrasting and incongruous images, some aspects of the tragicomedy of humanity."

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