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angelina mandatta ponzio labate Topsham, VT

ANGELINA is a teaching and performing artist, choreographer, poet, documentarian and the founding director of snowflake dot productions: "DANCE x instruction x choreography x performance x videography". angelina learns, shares in, practices, performs and teaches hip hop and house dance technique, freestyle and culture. as a non-black practitioner of black dance forms she is a guest and student first, and a teacher second. in her classroom and beyond ms. angelina honors and looks to the innovators and legends who created and continue to elevate street and club dance cultures. angelina understands dance and music as political and healing, and thrives on community, joy, learning, growing, processing and uplifting with others.

angelina is originally from vermont and has spent a majority of her adult life in california. she has lived, danced, filmed or trained in: amsterdam, barcelona, brooklyn, heerlen, houston, london, los angeles, manhattan, oakland, paris, philadelphia, san francisco, san jose, seattle, vermont and zurich. angelina gratefully holds a degree of life as well as a b.a. from the world arts and cultures dance program with a minor in visual and performing arts education from ucla, and an a.a. and a certificate in african heritage dance from city college of san francisco.

angelina loves new socks, dancing salsa at the club, and anything coffee/basil/coconut

INSTRUCTION angelina has taught for: avenue dance studio, compass for kids, dance mission theater, electivity kids, geary dance center, handful players, intersectionz educational artz, mission dolores academy, mobu dance studio, odc/dance, oxbow high school, performing arts workshop, san francisco arts education project, san francisco opera, the growing peace project, the movemeant foundation, the ucla lab school and zaccho dance theater

CHOREOGRAPHY angelina choreographs her own works and does collaborations with other artists. she has worked with: crescent moon theater productions, heartecaste music, korea venters, marika brussel ballet, and olivia eng

PERFORMANCE angelina has danced with: a. spearman and co, byb bibene (kiandanda dance theater), cunamacue, funk4soul, heartecaste music, intersectionz educational artz, kaimera productions, rennie harris (undergrad), spaghetto productions, and willy souly (souly dance arts - undergrad)

VIDEOGRAPHY angelina's clients have included: coltura, crescent moon theater productions, diggs deeper, embodiment project, odc/dance, rennie harris and the illadelph legends of hip hop festival, roots youth program, the arts education alliance of the bay area, the growing peace project, the movemeant foundation and urban jazz dance company

Member since July 13, 2020