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angelina mandatta ponzio labate Topsham, VT

ANGELINA is an east coast born, west coast fed italian american teaching and performing artist and activist, choreographer, poet, storyteller and documentarian ( 
angelina studies afro and latin diasporic traditions, with her primary focus in hip hop and house dances. she is a grateful guest and student of these cultures
angelina has lived and worked in many cities across the U.S. and abroad. she holds a degree of life; a bachelor of arts from the world arts and cultures dance program with a minor in visual and performing arts education from ucla; and an associate of arts with a certificate in african heritage dance from city college of san francisco. on her own growth journey, she continues to train under some of the best culture bearers of hip hop and house dance

angelina LOVES teaching youth and adults. she is always working to build classroom spaces rooted in community with emphasis on history, technique, growth, respect, expression, healing, inclusivity, equity, empowerment, bravery and JOY! in addition to teaching, angelina creates and performs her own works which have been shown from Los Angeles to the Bay Area including at the Bioneers Conference, Theater Azul, D.I.R.T. Festival, Dance Mission Theater, Restore Westwood and Electric Lodge. she also collaborates with other artists, and researches and documents hip hop and house dance. angelina has danced with: a. spearman and co, byb bibene (kiandanda dance theater), cunamacue, funk4soul, heartecaste music, intersectionz educational artz, kaimera productions, rennie harris (undergrad), spaghetto productions and willy souly (souly dance arts - undergrad) 

angelina is grateful to her community, teachers, families, spirits and ancestors 

Member since July 13, 2020

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