We are a passionate community of dance lovers, working to enrich the ecosystem of dance here in Vermont.

About VDA

The Vermont Dance Alliance is a foundation for Vermont dancers and a public platform for dance in Vermont. The alliance cultivates deeper relationships between its members, and helps to foster a thriving artistic community throughout the state.

The project began in June, 2016 as a volunteer-run effort to gain insight into what was happening in dance in Vermont. Because of the interests of the participating volunteers, the focus was primarily on contemporary dance. After a year of successful networking, gathering, and producing as a team, the vision expanded to include all dance forms that are represented here in the state.

VDA has filed as a non-profit organization, supported by its membership system, which is comprised of dance artists, service partners, patrons, and sponsors, each of whom play a vital role in our ecosystem.

The VDA administration supports dance artists of all genres, educates the public, and brings high quality events to the local community.

Why Join?

Dancers, service providers, and dance enthusiasts of all genres are encouraged to join the Vermont Dance Alliance to become the voice of dance in Vermont.

As a member, you become an active participant and gain visibility within the network. The website is open to the public, but VDA members can create and engage with the content. As a member, you will benefit from deeper connections, increased opportunities, personal and career development, and wide-ranging exposure.

The face of dance in Vermont


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Choreographer and dancer Hanna Satterlee grew up in East Montpelier, Vermont and has spent many years traveling through dance, both nationally and internationally. Hanna holds a Masters in Fine Arts/Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College (VT/WA) and has produced her own choreographic and dance installation work, and has performed with professional companies in Vienna Austria, Stolzenhagen Germany, Baltimore, Manhattan, Brooklyn, San Francisco and throughout the state of Vermont. With support from the Vermont Performance Lab’s SEEDS grant, Hanna is in the final creation phase of creating a sonic and visual performance titled “Voice and Vessel,” exploring how we each uniquely carry and express information in the vessels of our minds and the vessels of our bodies. Premiering at Marlboro College November 10th! Now based in Burlington Vermont, Hanna is the current director of the Vermont Dance Alliance, with a strong belief that the culture of dance will continue to flourish and expand throughout the edges of our beautiful state. In addition, Hanna teaches and performs on freelance basis, and currently has the immense honor of dancing with Murmurations Dance FALL CLASSES: Tuesdays. 4-5:30pm. Advanced Contemporary Dance Champlain Club, Burlington VT Tuesdays 2-3pm Grounded Flow, Sangha Pine, Burlington Wednesdays 9-10am Vinyasa Flow, Sangha Pine, Burlington Sundays 8:30-9:45am Vinyasa 1/2, Evolution Yoga, Burlington OCTOBER SERIES Thursdays 10-11am Advanced Contemporary Dance North End Studios, Studio B, Burlington VT


Jessie Owens is a performing artist, choreographer, and the owner/practitioner of Fulcrum Massage and Bodywork. She is the founder of Ergo Movement, a collaborative performance project based in Burlington, Vermont, who’s intention within this venture is to expand the appreciation of dance and...

Marissa began dancing at the age of 3, and has been an active lover of movement and artistry in many forms throughout her life. After a several year hiatus, she is entering back into the dance world eager to dance, create, connect and perform. She...